Washburn High Standout

Washburn High Standout

Michael Thomas is entering his third year as a Blizzard player. A junior at Washburn High School, Thomas is doing all he can to get ready to make an impact for the Blizzard this year. A firm believer in Kaizin (Blizzard Big 5), Thomas believes in everyday improvements to reach an ultimate goal.

“I’ll be the first person to tell you that there are still many things I struggle with as a catcher,” Thomas continued, “but what I wish all young players knew is that, that’s ok, just continue to work every day. My favorite thing about this game is having so many chances to do something beneficial for the team over the course of the game.”

Thomas is known to his coaches as a guy that is willing to work hard, accept his role, and always do what is best for the team.

“Thomas understands his role in every situation and executes it.” Loberg continued, “He plays with a lot of heart every day, something that I don’t think can be taught. He [Thomas] just has it.”

Thomas does not take all the credit for this attitude and approach, but knows his parents may have had a little to do with it.

“My mom and dad always [hold] me accountable to show my best character on and off the field. I think that has really shaped me into the man I am today.”

With club teams closer to his Minneapolis dwelling, he still makes the commitment to play with the Minnesota Blizzard. Michael explained that he wanted to play for the “most prestigious program in the state” and that’s why he chose the Minnesota Blizzard. He also contributes him staying with the program for three years with the culture and community that comes with the Blizzard.

“I have a group of guys with the same goals as me, surrounded by coaches to help me develop and accomplish those goals.” Thomas paused. “That’s why I have stayed.”

Thomas credits his parents with shaping him into the young man he is today, but did also tip his cap to the Blizzard program.

“Since I started playing, I have been taught the high standard of responsibility there is in the Blizzard program. The Blizzard has taught me that no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, I never know who is watching and who they know or may be connected to.”

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