After-School Diamond Club

The Diamond Club, our after-school program, empowers youth to thrive by focusing on four foundational elements that instill the skills that lead to lifelong healthy habits. The program provides:

We know children raised in challenging circumstances often struggle to reach their full potential. We recognize the pandemic has been especially difficult for many families, disrupting many programs designed to support kids most in need.

4 Bases of The Diamond Club: Academic, Wellness, Social, Nutrition presented by the JP4 Foundation

In response, the JP4 Foundation created the Diamond Club, an after-school program designed to establish an educational and developmental environment where underserved youth can safely experience and grow interpersonal relationship skills, focus on their health, wellness, and build their nutritional knowledge.

All of our programming is based around NOISE+. This is our holistic approach to building up youth and empowering them with tools that will help them reach their full potential. NOISE+ breaks down like this:

N – Neuromuscular Development (physical skills): speed, balance, power, agility and coordination

O – Organic Vigor (fitness development): flexibility, strength, cardio and muscular endurance

I – Intellectual Development: strategy development during gameplay, cognitive (thinking) area of athletics/activity

S – Social Development: working with others; partners, groups and teams

E – Emotional Development: handling the emotions of sports/activity, including winning, losing and adversity

+ – Developing a foundation of healthy habits to carry into adulthood

Every component works in tandem with the rest to help youth build up the skills and confidence that will help them succeed in the future.

The Diamond Club meets at local schools and community centers around the Twin Cities. Students in grades 2-7 are eligible to participate and there is no cost to students or caregivers. Each day, Diamond Club students engage in a healthy activity, enjoy a healthy snack and spend time in a small group with an adult mentor. If you’re a caregiver, teacher or school administrator who is interested in offering the Diamond Club at your school, please fill out the linked form below. If you have questions, reach out to

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