Our Mission

The mission of The JP4 Foundation is to enrich the lives of youth through baseball. This mission is carried out through the foundation by providing opportunity to youth and young adults via scholarship and education to inspire them to be outstanding citizens, students and athletes. We have a three-pronged approach to this mission: Player Scholarship, Johnny Price Memorial College Scholarship, and Community Outreach/Service Learning.

Sometimes families need extra support. It is a goal of The JP4 Foundation to provide everyone an opportunity to play club baseball, regardless of financial situation. We believe baseball is more than just a game; it’s a vehicle to teach and instill rich life lessons.

The JP4 Foundation also focuses on service-learning and community relations. We understand that serving others builds empathy, self-confidence, and promotes a general sense of well-being. Participating in volunteer work within the community can translate into future personal benefits like job skills, experience, and developing a strong work ethic. In addition to transforming our own lives, service and outreach to others strengthens our communities and improves lives.

Another goal of The JP4 Foundation is to honor the life of Johnny Price IV. Our teammate will be forever loved and missed by family, friends, and teammates. The JP4 Foundation will keep Johnny’s legacy alive in the form of a memorial scholarship. The Johnny Price IV Memorial College Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior in the Blizzard program that parallels the characteristics of Johnny.

Our Vision

The JP4 Foundation is currently in Phase One of its current strategic growth plan. The foundation is working towards branding and building recognition in the Twin Cities area while carrying out its mission. Eventually, The JP4 Foundation wants to make a name for itself in the 13 county area, expand to all parts of Minnesota, and eventually help families across the Nation. It is important to the foundation that during all of these phases, the mission, heartbeat, and legacy of Johnny Price IV are carried with us. The JP4 Foundation wants to continue growing organically as it has done the previous years.