Sweet-Swinging Lefty: Mason Schreiber

Sweet-Swinging Lefty: Mason Schreiber


Schreiber answered without hesitation.

He continued.

“They are big, yet fast, a good combo. They also have big arms so that would help a lot.”

The excitement and promptness Schreiber used when answering the ice-breaking question are the same characteristics 9u Gold coach, Derrick Pfeffer, used to describe Mason Schreiber.

“Mason is always excited to be at the ball field, during warm-ups, his at-bats, on the field, or even cheering on his teammates on the bench. He is always ready to go.”

Schreiber makes the 60 minute plus drive biweekly from Mankato.

“It takes over an hour, but usually I sleep. If I am not sleeping, I am reading.”

Schreiber cannot seem to get away from baseball. Whether it be carrying around his favorite ‘Bigs: Dill Pickle’ sunflower seeds or his book of choice, a baseball history book that includes all of the past-time greats.

Schreiber, even at the youthful age of 9, understands the deeper lessons America’s past time has to offer. He told me that he understands that baseball is a game of failure, and how that it is especially important for a pitcher to understand.

“I like to be the pitcher. I like being able to try again and again to throw strikes, sometimes even throw my change-up.”

When asked if he thought umps make his job harder as a pitcher, he responded the same as any big leaguer trying to avoid a fine would, “I mean, I sometimes disagree with them, but would never yell at them.”

Before our conversation came to a close, we had to discuss school. When asked what advice Schreiber, a 3rd grader at Hoover Elementary in North Mankato, would pass along to kids younger- his answer was short and to the point.

“You always want to be smart. When you are smart, you get good grades. When you get good grades, well, that is what you want.”

If you haven’t guessed by now, Schreiber’s icebreaker was around what animal would make the best teammate.

With the quick response one would think Schreiber thinks about the question quite a bit.

“I have never been asked this question, but it seems like the best answer.”

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