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Transforming Lives: Grotto Foundation Champions JP4’s Mission in St. Paul

St. Paul, MN – The JP4 Foundation is excited to announce the generous backing of their programs by the Grotto Foundation. With a $15,000 contribution, Grotto will play a crucial role in maintaining ongoing programming for 120 children in St. Paul, bolstering the mission of the JP4 Foundation.


Dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals and families, the Grotto Foundation invests in effective nonprofit organizations across Minnesota, focusing on areas such as Mentoring, Youth Development, Post-Secondary Success, and Community Safety and Neighborhood Development.


Jeff Huth, JP4 Foundation’s Executive Director, shared his experience during the site visit with the Grotto Foundation, where he was accompanied by two mentors.


“We met at one of the schools where we run programming,” he recounted. “During our conversation, a student greeted one mentor with their secret handshake, while another greeted the other mentor by name. It was perhaps the most rewarding, surreal moment of my eight-year tenure. Seeing these interactions firsthand reaffirmed the profound impact of our mentorship, emphasizing the significance of our community work.”


Currently, JP4’s initiative reaches 120 children weekly across Urban Academy and Achieve Language Academy, two public charter schools. The program’s effectiveness has attracted the attention of teachers, school administrators, parents, and neighboring community organizations and schools. Elementary school administrators interested in hosting Diamond Club in the 2024-2025 school year can contact JP4 Foundation executive director Jeff Huth.


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About Grotto Foundation:

The Grotto Foundation is dedicated to improve the educational, financial, physical, and social well-being of citizens with a special emphasis on families and culturally diverse communities. The Grotto Foundation, Inc. was named in accordance with a Hill family tradition, begun by Louis W. Hill, Jr.‘s father — naming foundations after streets in St. Paul’s Summit Avenue area where the family, for several generations, lived. 


About JP4 Foundation

Founded in 2016, the JP4 Foundation enriches the lives of youth in underserved urban communities through healthy activity, healthy meals, and healthy relationships. With summer-long camps and an after-school program, we offer year-round mentor-led programming for children ages 5-13, providing a safe and supportive environment and promoting lifelong healthy habits. Our programs blend physical activity with life skill building, providing a unique academic and social-emotional learning approach.

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