The Lifelong Impact of Inclusive Summer Camps

The Lifelong Impact of Inclusive Summer Camps

Summer camp for kids is an incredible opportunity for young people to grow, have fun and meet positive adult role models. While many parents are simply looking for ways to get their kids out of the house over the summer, there are amazing benefits to attending an inclusive summer camp when school’s out.

Not only are inclusive summer camps positive in the moment, they also have a lasting impact that will follow children into adulthood. Let’s explore a few of the ways summer camp can change lives and positively impact child development.

Inclusive Summer Camps Increase Accessibility

Heartbreakingly, many kids in underserved communities don’t have access to resources other communities may take for granted. Notably, over half of the campers in one of our recent summer baseball camps had never played baseball or held a glove before.

The barriers to entry for baseball leave fewer opportunities for children of color in underserved areas to experience the sport. Inclusive summer camps, with access to a variety of sports equipment, level the playing field for children of all races and economic backgrounds.

Inclusive Summer Camps Demonstrate the Importance of Physical Health

It’s easier to form positive and healthy habits at a young age, and taking care of your physical health is a prime example of this. Summer camps with strong mentorship programs encourage positive habits such as healthy eating and regular exercise early on. While these activities may feel like a chore for some children, creative camp counselors find new, innovative ways to make exercise and healthy food fun.

Inclusive Summer Camps Let Children Be Children

Many children, especially in underserved communities, aren’t guaranteed the simple joys of growing up. Summer camp programs allow children the time and space to run, play, make friends and socialize safely and securely. One of the greatest indicators of lifelong wellness is a stable, happy upbringing where kids are allowed to simply be kids.

Inclusive Summer Camps Have Built-In Mentorship Programs

A good mentor provides more than adult supervision; they offer guidance, empathy, a listening ear and teach kids how to direct energies effectively. In addition, a positive interaction with a caring mentor sticks with children all throughout their lives, influencing their actions even decades after they part.

A mentorship program at an inclusive summer camp can have an especially positive impact on kids. Mentors fluent in multiple languages and familiar with diverse cultures can bridge the gap between seemingly disparate backgrounds. In other words, a good summer camp mentor can help kids learn tolerance, find common ground and challenge assumptions about others.

Discover the JP4 Difference

The lifelong impact of inclusive summer camps can’t be overstated. At JP4, we are committed to enriching the lives of young people not just during their time with us, but for years to come. For summer camps that ignite kids’ potential and help their social, emotional and physical health flourish into adulthood, contact us today.

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