Blizzard Seniors Share Their Final Reflections

Blizzard Seniors Share Their Final Reflections

This weekend marks the beginning of the end for the Blizzard Seniors. After years of making memories and friendships on and off the field, their time as Minnesota Blizzard players is coming to an end. Before the Blizzard seniors go off to new adventures, we wanted to catch up with them and compile their thoughts, memories, and advice as they reflect over their Blizzard careers. As Barta always says, “Once a Blizzard, always a Blizzard! You’ll always be a part of this family”.

Check out the player links to find out who hit “close to a million” balls off the tee during his Blizzard career and read about  favorite memories on and off the field, like “Coach Youngquist yelling “oncé” (11 in Spanish) every time there was 1 out,” and a microwave “incident”.  Learn who named Florida Gulf Coast University as his favorite field to play on and read about how many players hear “sack of seaweed” run through their minds whenever they think of Barta.

On a more serious note, these same guys also shared their thoughts and reflections on coaches, how their lives have been impacted by their time with the Blizzard, and advice for younger players.

Good luck gentlemen in your future endeavors. We know you’ll make the Blizzard program proud!

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