Police Activities League and The JP4 Foundation Join Forces!

Police Activities League and The JP4 Foundation Join Forces!

The JP4 Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with Minneapolis Police Activities League (PAL). PAL is a non-profit organization and its philosophy is when given a choice, kids will choose to participate in positive character building activities instead of committing crimes. PAL is a diverse organization with 90% of their youth being children of color including: African American, Hispanic, Hmong, Native American, Somali, and more. Many of these children come from families that live well below the poverty line and PAL offers a range of services free of charge.

“The JP4 Foundation is always working on strengthening the Twin Cities community.” Adam Barta, owner of the Blizzard Baseball Academy said, “This partnership emphasizes the basis of what the Blizzard program stands for. We believe all kids should have the opportunity to be exposed to high-level baseball development.”

Over the next few months, The JP4 Foundation will be hosting PAL at the Blizzard Academy, sharing with them the same high-level instruction offered to all Minnesota Blizzard teams. Blizzard coaches and Blizzard players have volunteered to help make this work.

“It is great to see this partnership,” Drew Woods, parent and advocate of the PAL program said, “because both The JP4 Foundation and the PAL program believe in growing our kids as student athletes, as well as being productive men in their community.”

Sunday, March 28th marks the first time these two organizations will come together and will continue meeting through the month of April.

“Our core values of empowering baseball players to be outstanding people is now reaching more than just the Blizzard program,” Jeff Huth, director of The JP4 Foundation said. “That’s a huge step for the foundation!”

Since September of 2016, The JP4 Foundation has partnered with over 10 organizations in the Twin Cities community.

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