We look forward to bringing you news of our 3rd annual Ice Fishing Extravaganza in 2021. Until then, we hope you will take time to read about our past events.
Check Out Last Year’s Feature Story!

Instead of hosting an ice fishing tournament for the public, JP4 Foundation intern Cory Glieden, decided to hold an ice fishing tournament for himself, and we are glad he did! Glieden set out with a goal to raise $5,000 to run community service events for The JP4 Foundation during 2019.

“It was important for me that The JP4 Foundation had a fund to set up service projects and other events.” Glieden continued, “I have seen in my own life the tremendous amount of value giving back has given me.”

Glieden made it all 24 hours and even streamed the Ice Fishing Extravaganza live via Periscope. At the end of the day, Glieden landed 116 fish and over $5,000 is pledges and straight donations.

For a closer look into the 24-Hour Ice Fishing Extravaganza, check out “Gone fishin’ for a Good Cause” by Al Lohman of Sun Patriot Newspaper.