What Community Involvement Means to Us

What Community Involvement Means to Us

When the JP4 Foundation launched in 2016, we knew we wanted to emulate and celebrate the character of the late Johnny Price IV. His commitment to the community inspired all who knew him, and so the community is the cornerstone of our organization. As we’ve grown over these last 7 years, we’ve learned a lot about community involvement Here’s what this work means at JP4. 

It’s About Coming Together as One

Our executive director, Jeff Huth, defines community as “people coming together to act as one unit.” In our summer camps and after-school programs, kids and mentors come together with the shared goal of enrichment. Remembering that enrichment goes both ways is very important to us as we remember that all members of a community have something valuable to contribute. 

It’s About Empowerment

In exploring how community involvement looks at JP4, Huth asks “How do we walk alongside each other each day?“ When people can find security and stability within themselves, they’re better able to support others who need a hand. Confidence builds trust, and trust is the foundation of a solid community.  “We aren’t saving anybody,” Huth reminds us, “We’re empowering everybody.”

It’s About Representation

We recognize and honor that representation matters in strategic mentorship. We bolster our mentor roster through partnerships with organizations like World Youth Connect and the Page Education Foundation to ensure we’re hiring mentors who provide positive self-identity for kids that they’re impacting. When you can see yourself in someone who is doing well in this world, it lets you know that you can do well, too. 

It’s About Doing the Work

While the generosity of our donors and the hustle of our staff is vital to the work at JP4, the essential value comes from our mentors. “It’s the mentors that make the difference,” Huth says. In addition to the direct curriculum our mentors facilitate, they demonstrate character and commitment in ways that have a tremendous impact. Many take long, and sometimes expensive, commutes to show up for kids. 

It’s About the Future

Our culture has a habit of shaming younger generations without setting them up for success. Organizations like ours are committed to changing that. We know that the kids and mentors involved in JP4’s programming are the future workforce, leaders and caretakers of our community.  As Huth puts it, “Everyone has a toolbelt. Through strategic mentorship, we can provide kids with the tools and opportunities to do great things.” 

Get Involved in Your Community

Showing up for your community builds a legacy of endurance. The more we all get into the practice of being there for others, the more we can rely on each other to continue a bright future.  Learn how you can get involved as a donor or mentor with JP4 today. 
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