Summer-Long Camps

Our summer-long camps provide a healthy physical outlet for children ages 5-14.

Our camps provide children in Minneapolis and St. Paul with positive experiences, so they feel optimistic about the future and flourish in their teen and adult years. Our summer-long camps provide children with nurturing and supportive relationships, constructive social engagement, physical activity, nutritious food, and increased social-emotional competencies in a safe and equitable environment. 


Camper Benefits

Children who participate in our summer-long camps develop the skills they need to become responsible and resourceful individuals and prepares them for the upcoming academic year:


> Positive Identity- the development of self-confidence, and emotional intelligence


> Positive Behaviors- learn and exhibit self-management, impulse control, stress-management, and perseverance necessary to behave responsibly and positively


> Positive Connections – develop healthy and rewarding relationships with peers and adults


> Positive Experience – time spent with their mentor to be heard and hear words of encouragement

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