Summer Long Baseball Camps

One aspect of fulfilling our commitment to making baseball accessible is via our summer-long baseball camps for children in the outer city and inner suburb rings of Minneapolis and St. Paul for children ranging in age from 8-14. Our baseball camps provide children a healthy physical outlet and pulls them together in a team environment.

Our approach allows participants to develop a sense of belonging and creates an opportunity to experience positive relationships that reinforce critical life skills; accepting failure, perseverance, winning with dignity, and compassion for others. We understand it is difficult for kids to learn new skills or focus on a positive attitude when they are hungry. This is why the JP4 Foundation ensures nutritional snacks and lunches are part of our weekly camp sessions.

We know children raised in circumstances of economic, family, food, and housing instability often struggle to reach their full potential. We also recognize 2020 events further disrupted physical, intellectual, and emotional health. In response, the JP4 Foundation created the Diamond Club, an after-school program designed to establish an educational and developmental environment after school where urban youth can safely experience and grow interpersonal relationship skills, health, wellness, and nutritional knowledge, and learning skills through sustained education and targeted mentoring after the school day.

The Four Bases of Education - Academic, Wellness, Nutrition, Social

This invitation-only event provides a relaxed and worry-free afternoon getaway for the family and friends of some very special hometown organizations; Miracle League of Blaine, HopeKids, Crescent Cove, Reach for Resources, and Special Olympics of Minnesota. The JP4 Foundation introduced this event to support our mission of making baseball accessible to families and to provide an opportunity to bond over a shared love for the game of baseball.