Second Annual Johnny Price IV Memorial Golf Tournament – A Success!

Second Annual Johnny Price IV Memorial Golf Tournament – A Success!

The JP4 Foundation wants to send sincere thanks and warm wishes to all that made the Second Annual Johnny Price IV Memorial Golf Tournament possible. With 144 golfers, 33 hole sponsors, and a dinner hall at capacity, there were more than 400 people who made their way out to Brackett’s Crossing to show their support for The JP4 Foundation. In an opening message, Foundation Executive Director Jeff Huth confirmed the mission, vision, and Foundation work that has taken place since the organization’s inception in June of 2016. Huth invited the audience to a join a challenge: “Listen, Believe, Act.”

Keeping the challenge in mind, the Silent Auction began and delivered the most memorable moment of the night. The mother of Jake Flynn outbid the rest of the room for the opportunity to name a burger at Celt’s Pub. After a brief silence, a roar of applause overtook the room. Jake was in the truck with Johnny when both Lakeville South students died shortly following an automobile accident in December of 2015. With her winning bid, the Jake Flynn Burger was born.

The energy of the auction carried the crowd, and the night transitioned into the matching event. After learning of the mission and vision of The JP4 Foundation prior to the tournament, a family offered a $10,000 match for the evening’s donations, an amount that was met and surpassed. The evening’s program tugged on heartstrings, painted a clear purpose of the foundation, and left the audience motivated to support the Foundation’s work. Adam Barta (JP4 Foundation Executive Director) offered closing words, expressing gratitude for the support of all the guests, as well as for the belief and trust John and Lisa Price gave him in carrying their son’s legacy forward through The JP4 Foundation.

The JP4 Foundation’s Second Annual Johnny Price IV Memorial Golf Tournament was an absolute success; the camaraderie, spirit, and energy of the event could not be matched. The program motivated, inspired, influenced people to act. The event surpassed the goals set by The JP4 Foundation board and provided a platform for the foundation mission and vision to be shared. The JP4 Foundation will continue making baseball accessible for all families, empowering youth to be outstanding community members, and keeping Johnny’s legacy alive through an annual college scholarship. The JP4 Foundation’s Third Annual Johnny Price IV Memorial Golf Tournament will take place Monday, August 20th at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club. Details to be released in early 2018.

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