JP4 Foundation Announces Partnership with the Miracle League of Blaine

JP4 Foundation Announces Partnership with the Miracle League of Blaine

The JP4 Foundation is happy to announce a partnership with the Miracle League.

The partnership will start in November and will consist of the Minnesota Blizzard stepping away from practice a few times during the winter months to host the Miracle League for a few games.

Brandy Eckman, director for Miracle League of Blaine, talked about what this partnership would mean.

“A partnership with the Minnesota Blizzard will mean that our kids will have the opportunity to play baseball and make friends with other kids who love the game as much as our kids do.”

Like the best partnerships, both sides are gaining from the other. Ryan Burmeister, a Blizzard alum and now a seasoned coach in the program, talked about what this partnership means for the Blizzard.

“This partnership means a lot for the Minnesota Blizzard,” Burmeister said.  “The Blizzard program as a whole understands the importance of developing our players to be outstanding citizens, not just outstanding baseball players,” Burmeister continued.  “What a great way for our kids to give back to the game of baseball and share in their love for the game with others.”

The mission of the Miracle League is to provide opportunities for children between the ages of 3-21 with disabilities to play Miracle League Baseball. A Miracle League game’s dynamics are tweaked for all to enjoy. Every player bats once each inning and all will have the opportunity to score a run. Games usually last two innings with both team as winners at the end.

“We are looking forward to the camaraderie between the players,” Eckman continued enthusiastically.  “The very generous offer to practice with the Blizzard inside will allow us to continue to play in the winter.”

Adam Barta, owner of the Minnesota Blizzard shared the same enthusiasm as Eckman.

“Our staff went to Lakeville a couple years ago to play with the Miracle League,” Barta said.  “What a blast!  The enthusiasm and joy for the game was infectious.  I wanted to be a part of it again and glad that The JP4 Foundation has the chance to be a part of something very special.”

The JP4 Foundation’s mission is to serve and provide opportunity to youth and young adults via scholarship and education to inspire them to be outstanding citizens, students and athletes.

Jeff Huth, director of The JP4 Foundation, weighed in on the partnership

“This partnership encompasses our whole foundation’s mission,” Huth said.  “One-hundred percent of our ball players have the ability to be outstanding humans.  It is not the foundation’s mission to make the best baseball players in Minnesota, but the best students and citizens in the state, who happen to play baseball.”

The first Miracle League games with the Minnesota Blizzard will take place November 19th at the Vadnais Heights Sports Center. Eckamn provided a brief snippet of what we can expect.

“You can expect to see lots of smiles and excitement amongst our Miracle League players and their parents,” Eckamn said.  “There is something about the game of baseball that lights up these kids and it shows. It truly is the best part of the week for a lot of us!”

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