Summer sports camps in St. Paul

Children taking part in a JP4 Summer Baseball Camp

Give Your Children a Summer to Remember

Summer memories start here. When your kids need time away from screens, more time outdoors and a safe and affordable environment to be in during the summer, try signing them up for summer sports camps in St. Paul.


Providing a safe and engaging environment for kids in the summer is important to the team at JP4. That is why our summer sports camps in St. Paul take a holistic approach to youth activities. It is our goal to give families affordable opportunities to participate in youth sports, while creating an outlet for kids to be kids. 


Signing children up for summer sports camps in St. Paul through JP4 is fun, safe and free! We work on teaching athletic as well as social skills, and we foster positive learning experiences. 


Give your children opportunities to be kids this summer. Let them play, make friends and try something new. 

Sign your children ages 5 – 14 up for summer sports camps in St. Paul, and have a summer to remember!

Taking A Holistic Approach to Minneapolis Youth Activities

Since 2016, JP4 has worked to bring youth sports and activities to children in St. Paul in safe, healthy and affordable ways. 


We are more than a youth sports organization. Our work extends to the health and safety of children through providing nutritious meals, social skills and affordable activities to kids and families in St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities area. 


From summer sports camps to after-school activities to scholarship opportunities, the JP4 Foundation seeks to meet the needs of the St. Paul community and families. We are driven by our inspiration of Johnny Price IV, whose love of and passion for baseball and his community was unmatched. 


The JP4 Foundation was established in memory of Johnny, and continues to carry out his passion and friendly impacts to the St. Paul community he grew up in. 


Join our team and sign up for a free summer sports camp and give your children access to amazing opportunities.