Why Promoting Leadership Among Youth is Important

Why Promoting Leadership Among Youth is Important


Often we will discuss natural born leaders — people who, from childhood, have displayed an ability to bring people together in service of a common cause. Because of this, some are led to believe that leadership is an inherent trait. However, this is not the case; leadership is a learned skill. Youth leadership can be cultivated through a number of activities, including athletics. 


Positive youth development requires dedicated mentors who can patiently guide youth through difficult situations so that they learn to work towards the best possible outcome, regardless of whatever obstacles may come their way. Youth leadership can be cultivated through mentorship programs in Minnesota. Here we will discuss why promoting leadership in youth is so important.


A Great Start

Developing youth leadership requires a steadfast approach, but that determination will pay off when you begin to see leadership skills flourish among your team. Youth leadership is the product of empowering youth to learn by doing. The true mark of a leader is how they handle failure and losses. Guiding youth through tasks, allowing them to learn from their mistakes, helps them to trust their abilities and decision making. Rather than pumping them up with accolades, you are showing them that each loss is a learning opportunity. No single failure defines a lifetime, and when you help youth internalize that it is far more important to respond positively to adversity than it is to win every single time, you have positive youth development in action. 


Confidence Is Everything

Not every child who steps onto the field will be the most gifted athlete. However, in youth sports, this matters very little. For one, if it’s a team sport, the team that comes together and plays to their strengths and executes will most likely win. Secondly, your goal as a mentor is not to send every player from your team to the pros; your goal is to impart life skills that may not be covered in the classroom or at home. As you begin to develop youth leadership among the players on your team, you will notice their confidence begin to soar. They will begin to hold themselves and each other accountable, which is a hallmark leadership trait. This confidence will help to carry them throughout their lives as they continue on in their academic careers and eventually their professional careers. 


Leadership as a Skill Set

Leadership is not a single skill, but rather a combination of skills that enable individuals to take charge in any given situation. Positive youth development means fostering the skills that will in turn foster leadership such as teamwork and a strong work ethic. Focusing on these skills first will lead to a team full of players with strong leadership skills. There are many mentorship programs in Minnesota that will help youth find their confidence and build up their skills.


Positive Youth Development is Our Game

JP4 is dedicated to promoting youth leadership through baseball and after school programs. Serving communities large and small, we are the trusted mentorship program in Minnesota. We are here to help fill in the gap of after school care by using sports as a means to impart crucial life lessons. If your community could benefit from JP4’s programming, reach out today!

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