The St. Paul Youth Baseball League With a Cause

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Delivering opportunity to youth through baseball

Providing Twin Cities Youth Opportunity Through Baseball

Baseball is more than just a game. If done right, baseball is a community where youth can grow and develop while being taught life lessons. That’s why the JP4 Foundation has created a community youth baseball league in Minneapolis, to teach young players valuable life lessons through the sport.


Our Minneapolis program is designed to foster the physical, intellectual and emotional health of children through community youth baseball. If you’re looking for a summer camp for your kid this year, consider how our Minneapolis community youth baseball league can promote healthy growth through baseball.


The JP4 Foundation focuses on all aspects of baseball, including physical skills, teamwork, positive development and fostering lifelong relationships for children in Minneapolis

Learn more how the JP4 youth baseball league can promote positive development for your child:

Promoting Life Skills Through Baseball

Since 2016, the JP4 Foundation’s mission has been to enrich the lives of youth in the Twin Cities area through baseball by providing opportunity and education to inspire them to be outstanding citizens, students and athletes.


Our foundation was created to honor a young player, Johnny Price IV, whose contributions on the diamond were nothing less than extraordinary. Where Johnny really shined, however, was in his attitude and impact off the field. Johnny inspired us to promote those same qualities he showed through the JP4 Foundation youth baseball league

Our baseball programs throughout the Twin Cities are used to instill life lessons to local children while having fun through the game of baseball. We encourage youth throughout the Twin Cities to develop their physical, intellectual and emotional health. The JP4 Foundation’s summer youth baseball programs help develop a variety of skills, and our Johnny Price IV scholarship is awarded to athletes who show the same leadership qualities and attitude that Johnny Price IV did.