Enriching and Accessible Youth Sports in Bloomington

Enriching and Accessible Youth Sports in Bloomington

Healthy Physical Activity in Bloomington

In underserved communities, enriching activities like youth sports often get left by the wayside. At JP4, we understand how crucial accessible sports are to a young person’s happiness, health, and well-being.

Our after school programs and summer camps provide accessible youth sports in Bloomington communities. The combination of physical play and life skill building has a positive impact on academic and social-emotional learning, and vice-versa. Accessible sports in Bloomington also create a network of positive social interaction between youth, peers, and adults.

JP4 began as a summer baseball camp, but we now offer a wide variety of sports to play. Children ages 5-13 are allowed the freedom to enjoy being children within a supportive and safe environment. Connect with us today to learn more.

Nurturing Our Future

Sadly, accessible youth sports in Bloomington communities aren’t always a given. Many areas are underserved and youth sports are often the first programs to be cut. Considering the enrichment physical activity can offer children, this is a missed opportunity to help youth build lifelong healthy habits.

Our team of dedicated mentors is familiar working with diverse backgrounds. They bring empathy and awareness to all aspects of JP4. Your child is in good hands with our dedicated team of role models. Message us today to learn more about accessible youth sports in the Bloomington.