The JP4 Foundation is dedicated to using a holistic approach in after-school activities.

The JP4 Foundation is focused on providing after school activities and summer camps with a holistic approach. Through this approach, we hope to instill life skills that kids can make use of as they grow. 


What are life skills? We define them as traits that promote health and wellness — building habits that promote exercise, nutrition, academic success and social skills. Kids can learn important life skills in each of these areas.


Empowering young students with the knowledge of how to care for their own bodies through nutrition and exercise will not only be a great habit for them to carry through life but one they will teach to their children as well. 

Children taking part in a JP4 Summer Baseball Camp
Children sitting on the grass with a JP4 volunteer

Encouraging strong study habits in kids helps to make them curious about the world around them. Academic success can be a great way to open up new opportunities that will carry children as they get into high school and start to decide what to do after graduation. 


Building healthy social skills are incredibly important. With how we communicate with each other being increasingly centered around technology, we need to still be able to look each other in the eye and have a conversation. Teaching this life skill to children is as critical as ever.

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