Terrell Fountain


Terrell Fountain Profile Picture

Terrell Fountain has been a mentor for the JP4 Foundation for two years and is currently enrolled at Anoka Ramsey Community College. He intends to pursue a Psychology degree.

Terrell is a trusted mentor with a skill set grounded in communication, understanding, and the ability to relate to his mentees. His remarkable compassion and insight set him apart. He has a unique ability to meet kids where they are. In doing so, he cultivates a supportive atmosphere built on trust and respect. As a mentor, he imparts life lessons by using everyday situations to help foster a deeper understanding of the world.

For Terrell, being a mentor has infused his life with purpose and meaning. He envisions a future in which society prioritizes mental health from a young age and in which the youth actively play a pivotal role in making the world a better place.