Isaiah Lufkin

Program Manager

Isaiah Lufkin Profile Picture
Isaiah Lufkin, a dedicated mentor with a passion for aiding students in overcoming life's challenges. Renowned for his expertise in guiding mentees through difficulties, Isaiah employs practical techniques such as square breathing to alleviate anxiety and encourages the practice of stepping away from stressful situations.

One of Isaiah's superpowers lies in his remarkable ability to remain calm and redirect energies effectively, proving invaluable in guiding and supporting mentees through various obstacles they encounter.

At the core of Isaiah's pride is the JP4 Foundation, a testament to his commitment to community service. Over the past six years, Isaiah has played a pivotal role in the foundation's evolution, ensuring it meets the genuine needs of communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The foundation's focus on providing healthy meals, engaging activities, and nurturing relationships reflects Isaiah's unwavering dedication.

With a global perspective shaped by two years of high school Spanish and communication with teammates on the Waldorf University baseball team, Isaiah brings a diverse linguistic experience to his mentoring approach.

Looking ahead, Isaiah's career aspirations revolve around leaving a lasting impact on the world. In 40 years, he envisions being able to reflect on a career that made a significant difference, particularly in ensuring that students in the Twin Cities have the resources for success. Isaiah aspires for the Twin Cities to become a benchmark for other communities nationwide in positively influencing the lives of children.

Beyond vocational work, Isaiah finds joy in attending Minnesota United games with his brother and friends. The sense of community derived from these experiences adds another layer to Isaiah's multifaceted and purpose-driven life.