Francisca Villamil


General Mills - Employee Service Delivery

Francisca Villamil Profile Picture
Francisca Villamil has held a broad range of HR Leadership roles, currently leading Employee Service Delivery at General Mills. Francisca and her husband, Ian Villamil, and their two children (Isabella and Victoria) reside in the West Metro area of MN. In her free time, Francisca enjoys spending time outdoors, whether that is on the water in the summer or on the snow in the winter.   “As someone that grew up being part of an underserved community, I didn’t have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. I recognize that was a void that could have made a big impact in my life, so because of this I truly believe in the immense value that healthy activities, having a place to belong and grow and having access to some of the basics that we often take for granted plays in shaping so many significant skills for our youth. I am thrilled to be able to leverage what I have learned from my experiences growing up and in my profession to continue to advance the mission of JP4.”
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