Ben Healy: Spotlight Player

Ben Healy: Spotlight Player

Ben Healy can be found wearing his shark tooth necklace every night to bed before a big game.

“My only superstition I have is my necklace,” Healy said. “The first night I wore it to bed I had a pretty good game the next morning. After that, I just wore it when I needed a little extra.”

It is a necklace that traveled from Mexico that seems to give Ben the extra edge he needs before heading out to the field.

You can find Ben Healy sporting a Blizzard jersey Sundays on the 12u gold team this fall playing in ScoutStop’s Advanced Fall Baseball League (AFBL). Ben is the total package when it comes to baseball.

Coach Shawn Moses, a Blizzard coaching vet, used words like, “inspirational”, “team player”, and “motivator” when asked to describe Ben.

“He’s a type of guy ever team needs,” Moses said. “Healy is terrific with his teammates.”

As a first-year player, Ben was asked what it means to play for the Blizzard.

“It’s a special thing,” Healy exclaimed. “I heard good things about the Blizzard and I wanted to be a part of the best program in Minnesota.”

Although Healy has future aspirations to start for the Minnesota Twins, he understands the importance of a quality education as well.

“I have all A’s,” Healy said. “But I work hard for them. I understand how important school is for me.”

He also has a couple of ideas for the game of baseball.

“I would love to speed up the game,” Healy explained. “Every at-bat takes over a minute, and it gets to be a little long although I think we should get rid of the whole stepping out walking around thing. Stand in the box, and hit the ball.”

Although, a little of Healy’s competitive nature leaked out when asked about his siblings.

“Yeah, one brother is older and one is younger,” Healy stated. “I can’t wait until I make it to the pros just so I can tell them, ‘I made it.’

Here’s to a good start with the Blizzard program! You are on your way.

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