Making baseball accessible

We believe baseball is a vehicle to teach and instill rich life lessons.

The JP4 Foundation believes all kids should have the opportunity to learn life lessons through the game of baseball, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The JP4 Foundation can aid in the help of paying for lessons, fall fees, camps, elite tuition, and everything in between. As The JP4 Foundation grows, we hope to be able to reach more people in the great Midwest community.

Not everyone believes sports are worthwhile, at The JP4 Foundation we believe sports empower people to grow as citizens, students and athletes. The game of baseball teaches us the necessity to work as a team. It is impossible for one player to win a ball game. Even a ‘Cy Young’ pitcher needs players behind him to make plays night-after-night. The game of baseball instills the mindset of failure being key to success. Even the best players in the MLB get out 60% of the time over the course of a season. Failure in baseball allows for us reach our ultimate potential by making minor adjustments over time. In addition failure stretches our human emotional and physical capabilities, allowing us to become more resilient when we are faced with adversity.

The JP4 Foundation understands that financial situations are different for every family. There is not a universal policy when it comes to financial aid through The JP4 Foundation.To inquire more about financial aid opportunities contact the JP4 Foundation here.

Applications for assistance can be completed here.