Joe Wicklund

Before shifting into local government for the City of Hermantown, Minnesota, in 2019, Joe Wicklund spent more than a decade in education at The College of St. Scholastica and Marshall School. At both high-quality institutions, he guided students and families through admissions and financial aid processes, helping shape the future for hundreds of young people. Wicklund also served as an assistant baseball coach at St. Scholastica and head baseball coach at Marshall, where he helped guide the Hilltoppers to the 2019 Class AA state championship. Wicklund, a proud Duluthian, is a sought-after public speaker and award-winning writer, who also serves on the board of Grandma’s Marathon, Inc., and the John Baggs Foundation.
To be a part of a passionate group focused on improving the lives and health of young people through baseball and through community service is a special opportunity and a great responsibility. To be able to leverage a sport that has been so influential in my life to positively impact the lives of others is deeply important and fulfilling to me.