Apply for Assistance

The JP4 Foundation is dedicated to helping make baseball accessible for all families, regardless of program affiliation. Our board of directors will meets quarterly to review all applications. Applicants will be contacted by a board member within two weeks of the application deadline.

All requests must be for future needs. If you have an immediate need, please contact Jeff Huth, JP4 Foundation director:

Spring Deadline: March 1st

Summer Deadline: June 1st

Fall Deadline: September 1st

Winter Deadline: December 1st

Applications will not be reviewed until after the respective deadline.

*E.G. XYZ Baseball Association, Bullpen Club Team, West High School
How many people live in your home?
Street Address
*This will not be shared outside of application review
The board of directors uses this information to allocate funds based on family needs. Please be as thorough as possible.